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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Clash of Clans Advanced Building Strategy- Hidden Tesla Layout

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Hidden Tesla Strategy

The Hidden Tesla is a great tower full of mysteries and great power. With good placement, you can unlock it's great power. Harnessing this power will devastate your enemies and allow you to win almost every battle! Read on to learn how!

The Hidden Tesla is a great defensive addition to the Clash of Clans game. It is able to attack the ground and air enemies. What makes the Hidden Tesla stand out from the other defenses is it, as the name suggests, stays hidden until enemies are in its range. Once enemies are in range, the Tesla releases a vicious electrifying zap of blue lightning.

The fact that the Tesla stays hidden makes strategy and placement all more interesting/important. It deals  a great deal more damage than the Wizard Tower, which makes it a vital part of defense (the Wizard Tower is pretty strong as it is). Since the Tesla deals so much damage it is important to keep it from being destroyed for as long as possible. Placing it on the very outskirts of the town( but behind walls) is not the best option. It will stop much oncoming enemies but they will be able to spot it very quickly and since it is on the outskirts it will one of the first to go. Two better placement ideas depending on your layout/playing style are:
1. Place the Tesla(s) right next to the Town Hall(town hall should be at the center of the village). Then have the other buildings/defenses surrounding the Hall and Telsa(s). The Tesla's range should be mostly covering the Town Hall.
 Reason: This is the best way to protect the Town Hall, as the Tesla is very powerful and you don't want it destroyed. It's range may also protect some of your buildings/defenses. You can then focus(have the range of ) most of your other defensive buildings on protecting the other buildings instead of the Hall. This way you can protect the buildings/defenses and the Hall effectively.
Layout: You would want this layout if you already have a strong defense protecting most of your buildings(not including the Town Hall). By adding the Tesla next to the Hall it will protect the Hall very effectively, especially if you have multiple Tesla surrounding the Town Hall.
2. Place the Tesla(s) either: 1.midst the buildings if the buildings are behind the walls. It would look like: wall->buildings/tesla 2. behind the buildings and the wall if the buildings are in front of the wall. It would look like: buildings->wall->tesla.
Make it so the Tesla's range is protecting most of the buildings/defenses and a little to none of the Town Hall.
Reason: This is the best way to protect the buildings/defenses if your Town Hall is already well protected. You can then focus most of the defenses on the buildings.
Layout: You would want this layout if:you mostly lose when: The enemy gets a star by destroying 50% of the buildings and usually never get to the Town Hall(your buildings/defenses are not well protected, but the Town Hall is)

Placement ideas 1 and 2 are good if you just want to add the Tesla and don't want to completely redo the layout of the town/village. If you want to completely redo your layout, I would suggest going with something based placement #1 with the Tesla being the main defense for the Town Hall.

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Want to be involved in creating a mobile phone MMORPG? Check out my other blog here