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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Clash of Clans Building Strategy- Defensive Layout

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Defensive Layout

Are you a player that wants to concentrate on defense,  to earn trophies trophies without attacking, and to devastate players that attack your town? Then this is the post for you!

I personally am a defensive player, that means I hardly every attack other players and still gain trophies by defeating enemies when they attack my town. This is good for someone that does not want to spend loads of time waiting(like when training troops) and wants to check up on the game regularly, but not spend a whole load of time on it.

The following pictures show defensive layouts that also have a little offensive items as well. A purely defensive layout would not have Army Camps, Spell Factory, Laboratory or Barracks. Being purely defensive will help keep your level as low as possible.
As you can see in this layout, the Gold Storage and as many as the Gold Mines as possible (with the amount of wall given and still protecting all the defensive weapons) are protected behind walls. This is a good layout when you have more walls available. If you want a better look, click on the image.

Here is a pretty good Defensive layout. As you can see the Town Hall is very well protected. The Builder's Huts are also in the very corners of the map. In this picture the Gold Storage and Gold Mines are not protected because at this point in time I felt that with the amount of walls given, protecting the 
defensive weapons was a higher priority. If you want a better look, click on the image.

How to do this? If you haven't checked out the Basic Layout Building guide, go check it out as it will help get you going with a good foundation. From there you can customize the layout to fit your style of play: defensive, offensive or a little of both.

Intro: As a defensive player it is good to know how important each item is. I will list the items from most important to least: 1.Town Hall(this should be the most important for every type of player), 2.Defensive Weapons, 3.Walls, 4.Other Buildings. This is important for knowing what to upgrade and where to place buildings.

First-Gold Mines:You want to upgrade the gold mines as much as possible. This will allow you to upgrade your defensive weapons and walls much faster later.
Second-Walls: Make sure you have walls around your Town Hall, defensive weapons, and gold storage's. You want to make the enemy go through 2 or more layers of walls to get to your town hall. When I talk about walls from now on in this post, Wall 1 is the wall the farthest out and Wall 2 is the wall surrounding the town hall.
Third-Weapons: Weapons are obviously very important to a defensive player. You can place the weapons behind Wall 2 with the town hall, or between Wall 1 and Wall 2. If you have wizard towers, you will want them to mainly protect the town hall, as they have a short range and are a powerful force(can damage ground and flying enemies).
Fourth-Buildings: The placement of buildings (elixir collectors, barracks, elixir storage, army camps, builder's hut, and gold mines) is very important.
a-You want your builders huts in different corners of the map. Doing this will force the enemy to move far distances to destroy the huts and use up the enemies precious time. This can be the difference between the enemy obtaining 2-3 stars.
b- You want to place your army camps on the very outside of the village(the army camps should NOT be protected by any walls). As a defensive player the army camp is very unimportant, as it will not matter if it is destroyed. You will almost never have troops in the camps(as an offensive player, the army camps are very important because if they are destroyed all troops located in the camps will die). The army camp will act as another layer for the enemy to go through to get to the more important buildings and town hall. 
c- The other buildings can be placed outside of Wall 1 and be protected by the defensive weapons that are placed on the the other side(closer to the town hall). The buildings can also be placed in between Wall 1 and Wall 2.
d- When you are a lower level player and the amount of walls available is an issue, protect your defensive weapons first. Once you have access to more walls make sure to protect your Gold Storage and Gold Mines as well.
Fifth- Upgrading: You want to focus on upgrading gold mines, gold storage, defense weapons, walls and the town hall. Do not bother upgrading the other things. Always have all your gold mines upgraded to level 10. Once you have upgraded the defense weapons as high as they can go for the town hall level, start saving gold to upgrade the town hall. Upgrade the wall and gold storage when you have "in between gold"(small amounts of gold right before your shield ends that will probably be stolen if you don't use it). You always want to have your whole wall as high a level as your Town Hall will allow before you upgrade the Town Hall. Only upgrade the Elixir buildings when you NEED it. It is good to keep the Elixir Collectors buildings at a max level of 6-7. You only need to have one Elixir Storage, and it should be at level 10.

I want to stress again the importance of having your walls as high a  level as your Town Hall will allow them to go. Having high level walls will take more time to break down, therefore the opposing army will be stuck outside for a longer period, allowing your defensive weapons to have more time to mow them down!

Extra Tips:
1. Try and keep you level as low as possible, but with high level defenses. This is important because you will have an edge against same level, lower level, and slightly higher level attacking players.
2. Stars in multiplayer:
   50% of town destroyed = 1 star
   Town hall destroyed = 1 star (also if the town hall is the first building that you destroy)
   100% = 1 star
   The order doesn't matter in obtaining stars

Now you are on your way to becoming an impenetrable fortress!!

For higher level layout check out the Clash of Clans Advanced Building/Layout Strategy- Hidden Tesla http://gamerboost.blogspot.com/2012/10/clash-of-clans-building-strategy-hidden.html
If you want to check out the Offensive Layout-http://gamerboost.blogspot.com/2012/10/clash-of-clans-building-strategy_29.html

Want to be involved in creating a mobile phone MMORPG? Check out my other blog here


  1. Thanks a lot this really helped me!

  2. I've struggled with building my clan defensively. Thanks for the tips, I like the idea of building my defenses behind closed walls.

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  4. It's true, why is the gold and elixir storage out in the open?

    1. For the amount of walls allowed with the town hall level, it is more advantageous to protect the defensive weapons at this stage. Once the town hall has been upgraded so more walls are available, storages and mines should be protected, as illustrated in the first picture.

  5. Wall breaker can easily break any defensive wall, whether it is 1layer 2 layer or 3 layer.
    Never border upgrade ur gold mines, looting itself are much more effective to gain gold for upgrade. Upgrade ur barracks and field instead.

  6. You should focus on your gold mines and gold storage because of all of the defensive upgrading you need to do using gold ALL the time.

    1. Depends on how much time you have. If you have 4 barracks, you can pump out 12 giants, 8 bombs, 54 archers, 54 barbarians every 20 minutes. If you know what you're doing, this yields about 300/400k gold and elixir an hour, far superior to production rate.

    2. this is a purely defensive thing to do. The gold increase is great, but what if you fall behind in trophies? you would end up NEEDING the collectors and mines. It all is a matter of perspective
      BTW, Im behind on trophies :P

    3. Once you have a good defense that wards off most attacks, your trophy number will begin to slowly rise. It just takes time. Time to earn gold and increase the level of your walls ect. As soon as your walls are the highest possible for the Town Hall level, it is easy to have a very strong defense if you are a low level.

  7. I agree... Thanks 4 the tips!!!

  8. Check out my layout search shadow elites red and yellow clan symbol wth the fire logo in top corner about 40+ members consistently look at the leaders base name is chekysheetsneak that's my base and have awesome defence for my level :) from farming and constant 150+ - 300K + raids for gold mainly my base proves you don't need high level collecters to spend on upgrades :) thanks all lol

  9. for those saying that you dont need high level collectors or mines... obviously you havent participated in a trophy push. you will need those collectors and mines because your resources will run dry. you wont be farming all the time. better to upgrade them slowly to be ready.

  10. you said that you should only have i elixer storage but in the picture you have two

    1. I am showing a good example, but it is not perfect. There are some things that I would change if I could, like the elixer storage.

  11. storage units are important since they have high hps and serve as "tanks" to stall attacking units while you're aoe defensive units pound them.

  12. I use collectors, barracks and army camps as cannon fodder and is my first line of defense. You also want to try and keep your aoes seperate from each other with towers on outside and mortar on inside.I of coarse mean outside inside walls and able to do damage to troops on outside of exterior walls? also it's a good idea to use partial walls and traps that will funnel troops together and destroy or remove them. I have my bombs on outside and traps inside seperating mortars! Defense works great haven't been three stared in forever and hardly even get raided but if I do it's only on collectors. The only weak part of this type defense is collectors need to constantly be collected from! Goodluck all and have loads of fun!