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Friday, August 10, 2012

Clash of Clans Building Strategy-Basic Layout

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Basic Layout

Getting your town laid out correctly is a very important foundation that will definitely impact the game. A bad layout will lead to many losses and the loss of trophies. A strong building layout is the foundation that will be built upon. If you already have a strong layout, as described, decide what type of player you want to be (Defensive, Offensive, or Both). Head over to each link to learn more about each one and how to change your layout to best fit your playing style: Defensive layout- here Offensive layout- here  If you don't have a good basic layout or don't know what one is keep reading!

Do NOT keep your villages in the corners of the grass. It is not a safe place, people can still get in.

First off: For starting Players you should try to get up and Protect your Money/Elixir storage's they will be needed later on to buy Defense.

Later on: Later on you will start to need something called a Mortar you will need to put it in the Middle of your village so you can take out a lot of troops at once make sure you also protect your town hall people think that a town hall only holds money and elixir but if people break it they get an automatic win. 

Have the Mortar or Wizard Tower in the center of the village. Also keep the Town Hall in the center too. Its a good idea to put extra protection around them. Then around those you should put the regular buildings (army camps, barracks, builder's hut etc.). Interspersed between the regular buildings should be your cannons and archer tower. The very outside of the village should be made up of gold storage's, gold mine, elixir collection and elixir storage. Once you are a higher level it wont matter if you lose a little gold/elixir in battles. 
Here is a good basic layout for a beginning village: As you can see the Town Hall is protected on all sides from being attacked directly. The mortar is also being protected. If you want a better look, click on the image.

1. Protect your Town Hall!!
I cannot stress how important this is. At the end of every battle, you want your attacker to walk away with zero stars and minimal resources. So, why is it important to protect the town hall? because it is an instant win for the attacker if he or she destroys it and it houses resources.

2. Make it difficult to reach your mortar
Especially in the early stages of the game, the mortar is by far one of your most important towers. If possible, keep it near the center of your city. Keep in mind, your mortar cannot hit troops close to it (within, the red circle). Your mortar will protect you, if you can protect it.

3. Walls Walls WALLS
These things are precious. When constructing your city, make sure you understand what is worth putting within your walls. that being said, you want to keep buildings within your walls as compact as possible, as to not waste wall perimeter. As mentioned above, you obviously do not want to leave your town hall or mortar hanging out in the middle of nowhere.After that, what you decide to wall up is optional. those are just the essentials.

4. Make them pay!
Once you have walled up the essentials, you will have left over buildings. Do not scatter them randomly across the map. Keep them within range of your towers. Not only to protect your other buildings, but to make your attackers pay for hitting anything near your city.

5. Stars in multiplayer
50% of town destroyed = 1 star
Town hall destroyed = 1 star (also if the town hall is the first building that you destroy)
100% = 1 star
The order doesn't matter in obtaining stars

Tips & Tricks 1. You should always keep builders huts in the corner of the map so people will not have enough time (Sometimes) and will not get all of the trophies. 2. make sure you do not have any holes in your village so people easily get in. 3. Unless your saving up for something, try to keep your money low,like under 1000, (both elixir and gold). As long as your spending all your money wisely (army, defense and upgrades) then when some one attacks you they have nothing really to steal and you have great defense and upgrades so really what are you loosing. 

Remember that after you have a strong basic layout it is best to choose what type of player you are or want to become. Check out the links to the guides that were listed at the beginning of this.

  If you want to check out higher level layouts, check out the: Clash of Clans Advanced Building Strategy- Hidden Tesla Layout: here 

Want to be involved in creating a mobile phone MMORPG? Check out my other blog here


  1. Excellent! Thank you very much :)

  2. thank you very much mate. I'm glad there are still people helping and not purchasing :)

  3. "1. Protect your Town Hall!!
    I cannot stress how important this is. At the end of every battle, you want your attacker to walk away with zero stars and minimal resources"

    actually, is better to keep the town hall outside as some people will go only for trophies and destroy only the TH giving u shield

    1. no youre wrong!! >:D

    2. No he/she is right!!

    3. wrong if u want to attack it breaks the shield anyway

    4. So don't attack then. Shield for 12 hours is very handy when you sleep and saves your resources from raids. very useful strategy to keep TH outside for this reason, but not all the time and obviously not for war village.

  4. Thank you sooo much for this. I really needed the tips and all the help. I have a question.... why did I get reported for not doing anything in Global Chat? Is there a way to turn off the 24 hour penalty?? I was just trying to find a clan.

  5. do not put builder's huts in corners as this will allow the attacker to get and extra 10% damage on you which might lead to a 1 star. Also do not put your storages at the edge of your base.

  6. Well you need to protect your Ressources too! And why dont u close up the walls?

  7. Thanks for your tips! I use a similar layout as well!!

    my strategy